Thursday, January 13, 2011

Easy Ruffle tutorial

Okay, I have been working on a little project that I decided needed a pleated ruffle on the outside edge. I have never done a pleated ruffle, so I just decided to wing it. And, it was super easy and looks great when finished! So, I thought I would share.

First, I pulled out a handy-dandy craft stick. I have a million of them on hand because Brigham is slightly obsessed with them. Then, I added some marks. I just eye-balled what looked good, but in case you are interested, the measurements are 2" for the length and 0.75" for the fold. (I am sure that must be some mathematical ratio of some perfect form!) Anyway, I laid the craft stick down and put the "length" mark at the top edge. If you are just starting, this would be the edge of your ruffle fabric.
Then, I folded the fabric from the bottom back over the stick until it got to the "fold" mark.
Pull the craft stick out, and pin your fold down.
Repeat as many times as you need to get around your piece.
Then, you put your seam in, and flip it out. This is what the finished ruffle edge on mine looked like...
Aren't you dying to see what I made? Oh well, you will have to wait until I get Joy's done too...

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